RESNA, the Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technology Society of North America, is the premier professional organization dedicated to promoting the health and well-being of people with disabilities through increasing access to technology solutions. RESNA advances the field by offering certification, continuing education, and professional development; developing assistive technology standards; promoting research and public policy; and sponsoring forums for the exchange of information and ideas to meet the needs of our multidisciplinary constituency. 

The organization's legal name is RESNA.

RESNA's goal is "To maximize the health and well being of people with disabilities through technology."

The purpose of RESNA is to contribute to the public welfare through scientific, literary, professional and educational activities by supporting the development,dissemination, and utilization of knowledge and practice of rehabilitation and assistive technology in order to achieve the highest quality of life for all citizens.

Strategic Plan

RESNA's current and future direction and activities are grounded in a strategic plan that is updated every two years by the leadership of RESNA.  The Strategic Plan describes RESNA's roles and responsibilities and establishes RESNA's vision as being,

"RESNA will be the international authoritative source of knowledge and leadership in rehabilitation engineering and assistive technology."


RESNA has an Executive Director and permanent office staff. The Executive Director carries out the day-day operation and serves as 'The Face of RESNA." The Executive Director reports to the Board of Directors led by the RESNA President. The Secretary, Past President and President Elect are also voting members of the Board.

By Laws

The RESNA Bylaws are the ruling documents of our organization’s board of directors. They are critical, because they tell the board how to conduct its business.  They set forth the basic structure and abilities of the RESNA Board and the organizational bodies which it oversees.


The concept of a non-profit organization dedicated to those involved in rehabilitation engineering was developed in August 1979 by a group of engineers and scholars attending the Inter-Agency Conference on Rehabilitation Engineering. More than 200 people attending the meeting supported the creation of such an organization, and RESNA became incorporated as a not-for-profit corporation (501(c)(3)) in 1980.

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RESNA membership is highly diverse in terms of education, profession, and geography. RESNA provides a trans-disciplinary transaction space for our diverse membership.

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